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STX Shield | Pro-Strung

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The hardest high shots, the lowest low shots, regardless of where the ball is coming from the Shield holds up to them all. This head is reinforced in all the right ways and remains the stiffest goalie head on the market today. This combined with the multiple stringing holes ready to form your perfect channel, make this a go to for many of the countries most elite goalies. Oh did we mention that the Eclipse II took its offset technology from the Shield? Yep this head has many of the same features but wrapped into a harder more durable shell. If you’re tired of having your head snap, or going through 3-4 heads a season then you need to pick up a Shield. Are we saying this head is indestructible? Absolutely not, but we guarantee you’ll be excited the first time you think you broke it, look down, and see it’s still in one piece.

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 5 in