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STX Duel 2 | Pro-Strung

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Battles at the X last only seconds but impact every minute of the full game. However, one of the prevailing issues of any head used specifically for face-offs is: “How quickly does it warp out?” The Duel U was notorious for lasting roughly 2 rounds before needing the softball treatment. The Duel 2 is a nice evolution of the original and features STX’s speed scoop, 3 more stringing holes, as well as a shorter throat, allowing you to get your top hand a few mm higher than before. Most importantly though, STX added some material back into the sidewall struts which in our testing extends the non-warping life of this head. This is doubly important because it allows you to use the head after you’ve won for the other aspects of lacrosse like throwing a pass or shooting, instead of scrambling to the sideline for a different stick. Every player who takes a face-off knows no head is going to last all season, but you can rest assured knowing that Voomx always discounts orders of 3 or more!

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

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