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Maverik Hyperlite


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Carbon Fiber handles are notorious for snapping like twigs on follow through shots or when taking hard checks because every player is obsessed with “Flex” which inhibits strength. The durability of carbon fiber is dependent on the number of individual strands per tow (classified by ‘K’) and directional strength of the weave. Most companies opt to use a 6K tow with a unidirectional weave (unidirectional allows the shaft to flex). Maverik is one of two companies that uses a 12K tow to help increase the durability of their handles, but the only one that uses a pure 12K tow and pure harness weave. Why Maverik excels above all other companies in this industry relies heavily on their parent company Bauer. The amount of R&D pumping into Maverik from Bauer has led to the creation of The Hyperlite, a carbon fiber handle that is stronger than anything else on the market today. This handle plays like a Caliber but feels like an Apollo. “Light Done Right” is a gross understatement.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 30 × 3 × 3 in