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Maverik Axiom | Unstrung


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The Maverik Axiom is the definition of its name; Accepted Truth. The truth, once you wade through the pseudo marketing of other companies, is that as a player you want offset in the head, and not the handle. Offset is the driving force behind your passing and shooting because it places the ball exactly where it needs to be released for improved accuracy and control. We could talk about the great scoop angle for ground balls, the well pinched face shape, or shielded sidewall holes, of the Axiom, but lets be honest, you only want to know why you’ve seen more people drop the degree and pick up Axioms. Offset is Queen, and here Maverik rules above all others. Pair this head with a rail pocket and you will accept this truth as well.
Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 5 in

Black, White, Grey