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Cascade LX™


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Women’s lacrosse is the largest growing sports demographic in the country. Manufacturers therefore have started devoting an incredible amount of R&D funding into designing the next generation of women’s lacrosse products. Key among these is the brand new Cascade LX Headgear, a product built to keep players at all levels safer. You may have noticed nearly every Division 1 Women’s Collegiate Program moving their players into the LX, and for good reason. This product was never intended, like many old school coaches believe, to make the girls game more aggressive. Instead, it provides girls with the confidence to chase down every ground ball, dodge more effectively through traffic, and protect against those unintentional hits to the head and face. So join the next generation of athlete, and support your game with the LX.

You will not regret it.

Weight 24 oz
LX Headgear

White, Black, Scarlet Red, Carolina Blue, Royal Blue, Navy