VooMesh™ Green/Neon Orange Fade

VooMesh™ Green/Neon Orange Fade

"Does your game suffering in the rain?"

VooMesh™ is the latest technology in our Voomx™ Wax Mesh product-line for the upcoming (2018) lacrosse season and beyond. The Voomx™ Research and Development Team have developed the next-generation in weather-resistant lacrosse mesh.

Have you ever experienced mesh "changes" during an important game, or championship season?

VooMesh™ is a the most advanced, technological lacrosse mesh ever created by Voomx Lacrosse™.  VooMesh™ is the exact mesh you have been searching for! Search no longer - VooMesh™ is here.

Voomx Lacrosse™ is proud to announce the addition of PermaPocket™ Technology. PermaPocket™ Technology is our patent-pending process that allows for the toughest, most durable lacrosse mesh ever created to keep and maintain shape day-after-day, season-after-season. 

Our patented xFlexTechnology™ remains extremely flexible for accurate shooting goal after goal. xFlexTechnology™ helps create a soft sticky weather resistant coating that help create the unreproducible feel of our flagship product; VooMesh™

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